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Ivan Codjebas
Ivan Codjebas
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March 5, 2024

Greetings Flameplace users and guests!

I will continue my series of articles on the logic of using Flameplace - a all-in-one platform for interior business. Today's topic is Suppliers, including distributors, showrooms and stores.

In the previous article about the particularities of working with Designers I described their specifics and partially it coincides with the needs of Suppliers, but there are some differences. 

Let's consider them in more detail.

The main function of the Supplier on the platform is the ability to upload data about the products in stock to form the online display of their showroom. This information is available on the company page and in the general library of interior content, where Private Customers and Designers can interact with it. In this way, each Supplier can significantly expand their market by reaching buyers in other cities, regions and countries - all for free, without commissions or intermediaries!

The second important advantage of using Flameplace Suppliers get working with catalogs of factories, without spending time on eternal requests and waiting for materials, price lists and conditions. All data is interactive and can be conveniently filtered according to your request.

In addition to access to manufacturers' catalogs, Suppliers get the opportunity to see and interact with data on stock in factories' warehouses and here interesting opportunities for fast and high-margin transactions open up.

Just think about it, after exhibitions there is a lot of finished unsold products in the warehouses of factories, which they are ready to sell with an additional discount, but no one knew about them until now and it was not a mass phenomenon. The factories tried to add these products to their projects, but it was always a headache, and now we get a WIN-WIN situation, when everyone is on the plus side. Manufacturers free up their warehouse and recoup their exhibition costs - Suppliers get quick deals and additional discounts...

It is also important to note the opportunity for other platform members to participate in projects. A supplier can be invited to a project to help with the supply of goods. In this context, the number of partnerships with manufacturers plays a key role, positively influencing the reputation of your company and providing advantages when choosing a Supplier for the products of a particular factory.

So, as a partner of Factory X in Region Y, your company is automatically offered to customers and designers from that region who are looking for Factory X products, giving you an advantage in the local market.

In this way, we provide Customers and Designers with a library of products (WHAT), a list of companies with experience with these products (WITH WHOM) and a set of tools to automate the work (HOW), forming a winning formula: WHAT + WITH WHOM + HOW.
Ivan Codjebas

Now let's talk about the work tools.

All participants working on projects have a simple choice - find the products and companies you need in Flameplace, but the transaction is conducted manually outside the service, working on the project in a bundle excel + email + pdf and the use of the platform for you is completely free, because this functionality is included in the package of tools FREE.

Or you activate the paid package PRO and get access to the Project Configurator, in which you form and work with the body of the project, as well as to the Office, in which you keep all the documentation on transactions directly with factories and customers, using our automation algorithms.

By creating the mechanics described above we respected the current order of things on the market and did not change anything in the algorithms of its work. In fact, we simply gathered the market in one point, digitized and automated its processes. The logic of work that you are used to has not changed in any way, so I would say that Flameplace is not a revolution, but the Evolution of the interiors market and I invite you to take part in it.

Registration and a basic set of features is always free. 

As I think I have covered the issue of how Suppliers work in enough detail. If you still have questions or wish to discuss the topic in more detail, I invite you to dialog in the comments!

Regards, Ivan.

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